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In order for all people, including those with disabilities, to be able to access businesses and buildings, the American Disabilities Act has strict regulations property owners must follow. Appropriately designated parking spaces, curb cuts for wheelchair access onto sidewalks, and properly pitched ramps and railings are all necessary for ADA compliance.

It is uncommon in our business to have company have the reach to self-perform striping work across a large geographical area. Working with Parker has allowed us to implement safety, brand, and functional parking lot specs quickly and efficiently. There is no disconnect between what you want and what you get – which is huge for us.

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ADA Compliance for Parking Lots

There are a number of things to consider to ensure that your business is in full ADA compliance. For starters, you must have an adequate number of accessible parking spaces as determined by the size of your parking lot or the needs of your visitors. For example, medical and rehabilitation facilities are required to have a significantly higher ratio of accessible parking spaces than a grocery store with a comparable lot size.

ADA compliance for parking lots goes beyond the number of spaces you have. Van accessibility must be factored in, requiring wider spaces, and those must be closest to the entrance. Spaces must be clearly marked and located within a distance from the building’s entrance. For a complete list ADA requirements, please visit ADA National Network.

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Benefits of Our ADA Compliance Services

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ADA Compliance FAQ’s

There are several government agencies that regulate and enforce ADA Compliance such as the U.S Department of Labor, the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.S Department of Transportation, the U.S Department of Justice, as well as a variety of other government groups.

To fit the ADA regulations, every handicap accessible parking space is required to have the universally recognized accessibility symbol. The sign must be at least 60 inches off of the ground and provide a clear instruction over which spot is the designated handicap accessible parking space.

Access aisles are required for ADA compliant parking spaces as these 5 foot zones provide adequate space for vehicle-mounted wheelchair lifts or mobility aids such as walkers, crutches, or wheelchairs to be deployed. The access aisles can be shared with adjacent parking spaces as long as the 5 foot zone requirement is met.

If a business offers public parking, it must provide disabled-accessible parking spaces. For every 25 regular parking spaces, 1 disabled-accessible parking space is required. For 51-75 spaces, three disabled-accessible parking spaces are required. For 501-1,000 spaces, ADA requires 2% of the total number of spaces to be disabled-accessible.

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