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It really depends on the current condition of your parking lot. Applying sealcoat to a severely failing parking lot will not preserve or protect it, just like using paint to fill a crack in your home’s foundation, won’t work. It covers the problem, but doesn’t fix it. The same applies to asphalt.

Weathered asphalt that is dull and gray with shallow cracks but is structurally sound can be revitalized through a pavement maintenance program that includes crack sealing, sealcoating and a fresh line stripe. It also extends the life of your asphalt.

A failing lot has many indicators a full repave is in order. If your lot has poor drainage and standing water has seeped in and caused instability, there are multiple continuous cracks and places with crumbling or buckled asphalt, or there’s multiple patches and recurrent repair, then it’s probably time to mill and pave.

You should thoroughly evaluate your lot every calendar year. Traffic, severe weather with extreme temperature changes, and plow damage takes its toll on your asphalt. You should spot check your lot at least once every season, particularly after winter going into spring.

Check your lot for trip hazards like cracks, pot holes, crumbled sections, and other liabilities. Your lot should be clearly marked, ADA complian,t and also meet local safety and fire codes. The surface should be even and drains should be cleared of debris. There should be no significant puddles or “perma-puddles” on your property.

There are many variables that determine final costs. The size and condition of the lot are the two most important factors. The needed scope or scopes also factor prominently. Parker Line Striping is among the most competitive paving and pavement maintenance contractors in the country. We work within your budget while providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. It all begins with the evaluation so don’t delay.

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